Mapping with United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

KPS selected 16 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals ("UNSDGs") that best align with our business operations as we embark on our journey towards sustainable development.


Our commitment and actions to achieve social sustainability are aligned with the UNSDGs, aimed at not only achieving long-term sustainable growth for KPS but also supporting the communities where we operate.

Material Sustainability Matters Applicable GRI Indicator(s) Relevant Stakeholders Relevant SDGs
Economic and Business Performance Economic Performance Investors/Shareholders,
Customers, Employees,
Vendors/Suppliers, the Media
Protecting the Safety and Health of Workers Occupational Safety
and Health
Employees, Certification
Bodies, Regulators, Community,
Customers, Vendors/Suppliers
Eliminating Bribery and Corruption Anti-Corruption Employees, Certification
Bodies, Investors/Shareholders,
Regulators, Vendors/Suppliers
Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Assessment Procurement Practices Vendors/ Suppliers
Waste Reduction and Environmental Initiatives Effluents and Waste, Water and Effluents Certification Bodies, Regulators, Community
Training and Career Development Training and Education Employees
Energy Efficiency Energy Employees, Community
Stringent Quality Control Procedures General Disclosures Certification Bodies, Customers, Vendors/ Suppliers
Providing Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employees unsg10
Engaging Local Communities Local Communities Community, the Media