Entrepreneurship Technical Skill Programmes

Entrepreneurship Technical Skill Programmes


  • To support the unemployed by providing entrepreneurial skill set training programmes to help them generate a monthly income of more than RM1,000 per month.
  • To provide a platform for B40 participants to raise their household income to that of the M40 category.

KPS Entrepreneurship Development Programmes were implemented to address the unemployment in encouraging participants to raise their confidence levels for either starting small-scale businesses or improving their competitive edge.

These training programmes attracted those without any source of income, from low-income households or those who live below the poverty line (RM1,500 per household per month). In 2019, we invested RM471,278 to organise five types of entrepreneurship programmes which attracted 143 participants from all nine districts in Selangor.

entrepreneurship monitoring process

In 2019, 68% or 61 of total participants recorded improvements in their socioeconomic status after enroling in the Livestocks, Postnatal Services and Caregiver programmes and registered incomes above RM1,000 per month.

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Entrepreneurship Technical Skill Programmes


Home Care for Elderly (Caregiver)

  • RM145,950 to sponsor 30 participants.
  • 30 sponsored candidates.
  • 8 participants earn > RM2,000 monthly.
  • 9 participants earn > RM1,500 monthly.
  • 6 participants earn > RM1,000 monthly.
  • 7 participants earn < RM1,000 monthly.

Postnatal Service

  • KPS invested RM75,000 to sponsor 30 participants.
  • 83% participants earn > RM1,000 monthly.
  • 16 participants earn > RM2,000 monthly.
  • 14 participants earn < RM2,000 monthly.
  • 2 participants enrolled for Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia and Vocational Training Operation certifications.

Livestock Training Programme

  • KPS sponsored RM135,000 for 30 people to participate in the programme.
  • 15 participants earn RM500 - RM1,000 monthly.
  • 5 participants earn RM1,001 - RM2,000 monthly.
  • 4 participants earn RM2,001 - RM3,000 monthly.
  • 3 participants earn > RM3,000 monthly.