Jalinan Mesra Programme 

Jalinan Mesra Programme


  • To assist the Orang Asal children improve their academic achievement through an effective teaching and learning process.
  • To bridge the gap between teachers and students as well as their family members through continuous programmes and activities.
  • To tackle issues of absenteeism and lack of awareness on education among the Orang Asal community.

Programme Impact

KPS in collaboration with the Selangor Education Department and Young Teachers Secretariat of Selangor, organised the Jalinan Mesra Programme from August to September 2019 for Orang Asal students from SK Tun Abdul Razak, Hulu Selangor. The programme successfully achieved 84% attendance rate surpassing our target of 80%.


The programme

  • Achieved 84% attendance rate.

Anak Angkat Di Sekolah Programme

  • Instil self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Strengthen the relationship between teachers and students.
  • Encouraging good behaviour and establishing a sense of pride and belonging.

Motivational Programme

  • Improved mental strength and self-confidence.

Agriculture Programme for Students

  • 100 types of herbs were planted and labelled using QR Codes which gave them the opportunity to learn about the types of herbs and their benefits.

Educational Trip to Petronas Twin Towers and Aquaria

  • Effective learning activity for students and to gain real-world experience. 

66 students and 22 teachers participated.