CERDIK Programme (For Orang Asal Students) 

 CERDIK Programme (For Orang Asal Students)


  • To encourage Orang Asal students to pursue their primary and lower secondary education.
  • To increase their confidence level in communication skills.
  • To equip them with social skills relevant to different cultural settings.

Programme Impact

The CerDik Programme has proven tactics for encouraging good student attendance for the programme; average attendance for the 11 sessions was 85%, which was 5% higher than the target. As a result of the success of the programme, we are also proud to announce that the yearly average attendance at the school has improved to 90% in year 2019 compared to 87% the year before.


Attendance rate of the programme improved to 85%.

Improved communication skills such as public speaking and leadership, as verified by teachers:

  • 22% of students had the confidence to speak in public.
  • 40% of students demonstrated good potential to be leaders.

Enhanced overall attendance rate of students to school from 35% to 36%.

83% of students were interested to have a friend from other ethnic groups through Cross Cultural sessions.