KPS Education Development Programme

KPS celebrates and promotes inclusive, equitable, and quality education for all, contributing to human development progress. We believe in this cause and allocated substantial amount of our Sustainability budget to organise several educational programmes to help enrich the children and prepare them for the future.

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Over the past years, major progress was made towards increasing access to education and school enrolment rates.



Total participants 12,368

Total investment RM1,380,967

CerDik Programme


for SK (A) Bukit Cheding in Banting


for Sekolah Kebangsaan Tun Abdul Razak in Hulu Selangor

Total Contribution RM122,167

Involving 116 students

Tuisyen Rakyat

tuisyen rakyat

Total Contribution RM1,258,800

Involving 10,056 students

2,196 teachers



  1. Attendance rate of the programme improved to 85%.
  2. Enhanced overall attendance rate of students to school from 87% to 90%.
  3. Improved communication skills such as public speaking and leadership, as verified by teachers:
    • 22% of students had the confidence to speak in public.
    • 40% of students demonstrated good potential to be leaders.
  4. 83% of students were interested to have a friend from other ethnic groups through Cross Cultural sessions.


Orang Asal students and their parents

SPM candidates in Selangor

Teachers from schools in Selangor

Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Selangor

Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli Selangor

Training Providers


Local Universities

KPS Staff and Media

 CERDIK Programme (For Orang Asal Students)

Education Programme

CERDIK Programme (For Orang Asal Students)

Program Tuisyen Rakyat Selangor

Education Programme

Program Tuisyen Rakyat Selangor

Jalinan Mesra Programme

Education Programme

Jalinan Mesra Programme