Badminton For The Autistic Community

Badminton For The Autistic Community

The objective of the programme were:

  • To encourage autistic children to participate in badminton activities and build their confidence.

In 2019, KPS introduced badminton to various groups especially for the differently abled in our community. This year, we contributed RM 135,865 to conduct 14 badminton classes for 58 autistic children. The classes provided guidance for these children to develop communication skills, living skills, coordination skills, self-confidence, a healthy and active mindset as well as knowledge on injury prevention.

We are proud to note that four autistic students participated in the KPS Internal Badminton Tournament 2019.

Our badminton clinic was part of KPS' Sports for All programme initiative. In 2019, we selected a few autistic students to participate in the coaching clinic conducted by national women badminton players namely Vivian Hoo, Chow Mei Kuan, Lee Meng Yean and Yap Cheng Wen.

As badminton is a fast growing sport, KPS also intends to educate society on proper preparation to prevent injuries during badminton games. In this regard, we organised a KPS Sports Health Event on 6 October 2019 at Champion Arena, Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya with a training syllabus which covered sports training, physical conditioning, injury prevention, nutrition and diet. This event was attended by approximately 300 participants.